The Lost Bairns



So, it was like another day with people liking comments on the FoHPC page but at 8.30pm Tom commented that he knew a little more on Baby Moses resting in lair 306.



Her name was Martha and she had a brother Philip, whom we knew nothing about. We were unaware of any other infants interred in the cemetery as there is no other record of any other babies, but how quickly would that change with a click of a button and the sorting of data.



Philip was located in Lair 183, with no mention of him being a child in the records, this got us thinking about the other triple lair, lair 3.



With the records we have and based on the timelines we can say that there is almost a 50% possibility that John Connell could also have been a baby/infant.



The records have John being registered in Hartwood in 1897, his death on 23/01/1897 and being buried on the 26/01/1897. There is no parents recorded and he rests alongside Alexander Ayton & David Alderidge .



  • 'I'm going to tell you something I hope you'll never have to know. I'll tell you how a heart can break And tears can constant flow. They lost their babies you see, An angel in their eyes God chose to take their hand one day And led them to the skies. But please do not forget their child They were a person too And forever they will live Inside of me and you. So, please don't ever tell them That time will heal their pain Because not even time Can bring them back again. Just tell them they are happy In that land way up above They are snuggled in an angels wings All wrapped in Mommy's love'



Uodate : Tom, our researcher, has come up with conflicting information with regards to John Connell but makes it even more intriguing, as the records state, no more than 2 adults per lair unless a child



‘Having carried out a bit of research I have located a John Connell occupation coal miner he was a widower and died January 23rd, 1897 @ 10:20 am Hartwood Asylum age 70 (as far as I can ascertain there are no Deaths for a John Connell at Hartwood Asylum For 1896)



Those resting with John Connell: Alexander Ayton occupation labourer he was a widower and died April 16th, 1897 @6;00pm Hartwood Asylum age 77 years.



David Alderidge occupation tailor he was single and died May 21st, 1897 @ 5;15 pm Hartwood Asylum age 74years.



So the mystery continues ...