Roseanne McIver Lowe

Roseanne McIver Lowe story as told by Janice McCrosan


LOW or McIVER, Rose Ann

Also known as
Rose Ann Mckeever, Mckever, McIver or Low was admitted to the asylum in 1910


Roseanne married William lowe or low in 1888 at Saltcoats Ayrshire.

Together they had 6 sons Robert,James,William,Thomas,Charles and Michael.

Thomas and Charles both died in WW1 and William joined the navy.

Roseanne story has been a hard life and a sad story seeing her children go to war, never to return 




Charles Lowe Private S/4126 Black Watch (Royal Highlanders) 9th Battalion

Died 25 September 1915, LOOS MEMORIAL Panel 78 to 83.France

Thomas Lowe Private S/10484 Black Watch (Royal Highlanders) 1st Battalion.

Died 18 November 1917, TYNE COT MEMORIAL Panel 94 to 96. Belgium