What's next and how you can help


Through all our hard work, we can now correctly attribute personal lives and experiences and make our once lost 1255 voices count for something.

They can educate us all so that we can make sure the mistakes of the past are never repeated. The voices of these people deserve to be heard. Despite being firmly in the twenty-first century, the fear and stigma associated with mental illness unfortunately still remain, although we work hard breaking down the barriers by delivering community awareness through SuicideTalk, suicide assist courses, mental health first aid and openly encouraging people to talk about mental health.

Would you like to help, come along for a chat or even just even have a wee seat, rest your weary feet or read one of the wee books from the library?

We are normally in the cemetery at the weekend from 12-2pm, just look out for the twitter and FB post which you can access on the website - we would love to see you there.


We will continue to care for the cemetery to the best of our ability and hope that more will join us in remembering our once lost 1255 souls and we look forward to our new Commonwealth War Graves status 

The Work WIll Never Stop