Frank Halpin
4 months ago

I have been doing my family tree and have obtained a copy of my great grandmothers death certificate. She is Catherine Docherty ( née Hopkins) and she died in hardwood hospital on Nov 8th 1931. How do I find out if she was buried in Hartwood cemetery or if her family organized her burial elsewhere. Tia Frank

Sandy R
a year ago

Thank you so much for finding the people there. They have such stories to tell. You are good for my soul.

a year ago

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John D
a year ago

These amazing ladies doing what they do, hard at work, keeping the cemetery so well, honouring all those who lie there.
Well done.

Liam W
a year ago

There's been a phenomenal amount of work and care done here.

Shona C
a year ago

Had a walk round last Thursday as I was passing through the village. Beautiful, peaceful place and a testament to all the love and hard work that has gone in to it. I hope to get back up soon. Sx 💖

Jim Cooper
a year ago

The flowers are amazing!!

Carol P
a year ago

Last time I was at Hartwood hospital was my last shift in 1983. Took a walk up today and although it brought back a lot of good and bad memories it is in ruins but so peaceful. It was lovely to see the wee cemetery and what a job you guys have done. You should be really be so proud of yourselves. Its a lovely place for these souls to rest xxx

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